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Blockcast is an open content delivery network (CDN) that provides massive, flexible capacity through a unique caching architecture. By leveraging multicast, Blockcast significantly reduces delivery costs while enabling higher bitrate experiences.
What Is Blockcast?

A Better, Less Expensive Way to Deliver Internet Content

Blockcast is a next-gen, open CDN which aggregates capacity from tens of thousands of nodes around the world. These nodes exist well beyond the typical, centralized CDN architectures. This open approach to caching enables content providers, whether streaming operators or gaming companies, to reach more users, even in remote areas, and deliver a higher Quality of Experience. When combined with our delivery partners, such as satellite operators, cellular broadcasters, ATSC 3.0 stations, or AMT relays, our customers can leverage the unique multicast capabilities of our network to deliver content at a fraction of the price.

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Content Providers
Content Providers

Reduce Your Delivery Costs. Ensure High QoE. Reach More People.

Delivering content to your users over the internet, whether streaming videos or game downloads, can be expensive and complicated. In fact, too much spent on delivery costs can threaten profitability. But what if it didn't have to? 

Enter the Blockcast Network.

By adding our network to your delivery architecture, you can leverage our unique one-to-many delivery technology to save significant costs. What's more, you can even pre-position content directly into your users' homes*. And, streaming providers can deliver higher-quality content, like 4K, without increasing their delivery costs.

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Content Providers

Go From Signal Broadcasting to Internet Content Delivery. Generate New Revenue.

Whether you are an ATSC 3-enabled television station, a cellular carrier with broadcast capabilities,a satellite operator, or own an AMT relay on a multicast native network, a whole new opportunity is opening up for you: Datacasting. You can use that traditional signal-broadcasting capabilities to deliver internet content. But streaming content through technologies typically used for signal broadcast requires more than just the infrastructure. Broadcasters need to ensure content is routed correctly and deliver with reliability to signal loss to maintain integrity and a high-quality experience for streaming content. Additionally, they need to form relationships with content owners to monetize their infrastructure. By working with Blockcast, broadcasters can contribute their datachannel capacity to the Blockcast Network and leverage investment in existing infrastructure to generate new revenue.

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CDNs and ISPs

Extend Your Capacity Without Spending. Reach New Geographies And Generate More Revenue.

For CDNs, hard-to-reach users, like in rural areas, can make it challenging to ensure a high QoE. It may not make economic sense to put PoPs or caches in Tier 3 operator networks. In densely populated areas, last mile wireless networks can become congested during popular events leading to degraded service quality. For any network operator, connecting with the Blockcast Network can expand their capacity, provide for off-net delivery, and even ensure they can deliver to hard-to-reach users. By partnering with Blockcast, CDNs and ISPs and will leverage the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of one-to-many delivery while generating new revenue streams.

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The challenges to profitability and high QoE

Whether you are a content provider running a streaming platform or an ISP, the entire internet content delivery chain is straining under the collective weight of high bitrate content and viewer QoE expectations. Solving those challenges, though, requires a different approach to content delivery than traditional CDNs.
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Increasing Cost of Content Delivery

Increasing Network Congestion

Identifying Available Capacity

Underutilized Infrastructure

CDN To the Power of X

A New Way To Build A Better CDN

The Blockcast Network is built on tens of thousands of caching nodes installed by individual users, data centers, and network operators. By operating a Blockcast node, these users and operators receive token rewards for caching and delivering high-quality over-the-air content as part of our CDN services.

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