Improve your network with better content delivery

Content delivery can wreak havoc on your network. Unicast backhaul and deliver is not only inefficient but also bad for capacity. When you deliver content with the Blockcast Network, popular content is cached at the edge and delivered over-the-air via multicast.  

Your network is bursting at the seams with internet content. We can help you fix that.

There is no shortage of internet content. Whether streaming video or game downloads, users keep requesting more (and, when it comes to video, higher quality streams). If you are an ISP, that means backhauling through your middle-mile for content in CDN caches peered with your network. For CDNs, that means installing more servers and increasing capacity. But with Blockcast, that all goes away. By installing an MAHP in the network, ISPs can benefit from caching popular content at the edge, reducing backhaul. For CDNs, an MAHP can provide a way to deliver offnet, which is especially important for users in rural areas where the Blockcast Network has reach. For ISPs, an MAHP can mean a more efficiently managed network with reduced backhaul.

Caching at the Edge
For ISPs, having an MAHP provides an edge-based cache for popular or even pre-positioned content.
Extended reach
For CDNs, it's not often economical to invest in PoPs in remote geographies like rural locations. But with an MAHP, a CDN can effectively deliver to hard-to-reach users by using the Blockcast Network for traffic offloading.
Less network congestion
Because the Blockcast MAHP is OTA enabled, content, whether pre-positioned or fetched, there's no need to backhaul which can significantly reduce middle-mile congestion in ISP and CDN networks.
New revenue stream
Both CDNs and ISPs can participate in the Capacity Marketplace. With an MAHP in their network, they can allocate their capacity to the marketplace where content providers can purchase capacity.
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