A Capacity Marketplace, A Better Way to Deliver Content

Blockcast is a next-generation content delivery network that leverages underutilized broadcast capacity to significantly reduce the costs of delivering internet content and increase access.
The Capacity Marketplace

An Open Marketplace For Buying and Offering Content Delivery Capacity.

The Capacity Marketplace aggregates available content delivery capacity from across the Blockcast Network. This can include capacity that is automatically added (such as from cache nodes hosted by degen data centers or individuals in their homes) or capacity that is offered by commercial networks, such as ISPs or over-the-air broadcasters, who want to generate revenue through leasing out their capacity.

* Note: The Capacity Marketplace will be available in early 2025.

Capacity on Demand
Delivery Verification
Standard CDN Interface
The Not-So-Secret Ingredients

What Makes The Blockcast Network So Unique?

As an overlay, we can incorporate capacity and available resources from a range of sources including broadcasters (in TV stations, satellites, multicast capable cellular or ISPs), CDNs, data centers tenants, and even caches hosted by individuals at home. Combined with multicast delivery, our network provides more efficient, and robust delivery capacity to content providers who add the Blockcast Network to their multi-network delivery architecture.
Capacity can be increased rapidly through standard CDN interfaces without requiring coordination with a single network operator.
With our distributed architecture, problematic areas can be quickly routed around to ensure maximum performance.
Using multicast ensures our capacity maximized and delivery costs reduced.
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