Generate New Revenue with Datacasting

By using the Blockcast Network, broadcasters (ATSC 3, feMBMS, DVB, and satellite) can participate in internet content delivery leveraging their unused datacasting capacity. Through this they can generate new revenue while making their networks available through the Capacity Marketplace.

You Have Unused Datacasting Capacity and Extensive Reach. It's Time to Monetizing on Both.

Over-the-air broadcasters haven't been able to participate in the delivery of internet content until today. With a Blockcast MAHP, you can monetize your datacasting capacity through our open content delivery network to deliver internet content like streaming video and game updates. And through our Capacity Marketplace, you can make your bandwidth available to content providers who want to use the Blockcast Network. It's a new stream of revenue without any capital investment and time-consuming integrations.

Existing Infrastructure
You don't need to spend money to participate in the Blockcast Network. Simply install our proxy to monetize your datacasting capacity and start delivering internet content today!
New Revenue Stream
Our Blockbox devices, installed in consumer homes, can receive content from an MAHP installed in your network. You can make the capacity of your data channel available through our capacity marketplace.
Over-the-Air Multicast
Even if you start delivering content yourself, the unicast streams you backhaul will quickly fill up your capacity. With Blockcast MAHP content is delivered via multicast to your available users with a Blockbox device or software.
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