Blockcast Is A Better Way To Delivery Content

Blockcast is a next-generation content delivery network that leverages underutilized network capacity and one-to-many distribution to significantly reduce the costs of internet access and improve service quality.
Our Mission

Scaling the Web

Bandwidth-saving and application-accelerating CDN infrastructure has always been exclusive to operate. To connect the world, Blockcast believes that the Internet and the infrastructure to scale it should be open to everyone.

Our Technology

Applying The Power of One-to-Many To Scale The Web

The Blockcast Network is built on our innovative Multicast Adaptive HTTP Proxy (MAHP). Capable of being installed everywhere from rack units in core networks to smart TVs in consumer homes. This unique approach can radically reduce the cost of delivering content while ensuring a high quality of experience.

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Our Approach

A First-of-Its Kind Open Market for Delivery Capacity

The Blockcast Capacity Marketplace is a revolutionary approach to provisioning capacity for internet content delivery. We have designed advanced broadcast security protocols and leverage well-established CDN methods, like the Open Caching APIs developed by the SVTA, so content providers can quickly and safely add capacity to their delivery architecture from broadcasters and ISPs they don’t necessarily trust.

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Our Innovation

An Open CDN Where Anyone Can Earn By Delivering Content

Traditional CDNs are centralized, commercial networks. But what if they didn't need to be? As long as they can maintain high system uptime and access a high throughput uplink, small ISPs, datacenter tenants, apartment building owners, or even individuals, can cache and serve traffic on the Blockcast Network in exchange for token rewards.

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