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The Blockcast Multicast Adaptive HTTP Proxy (MAHP) enables unmodified unicast content services with the efficiency and reach of broadcast in any network. After a simple configuration, our receiver gateway proxy deployed at the network edge or in consumer devices operates as an overlay to the existing unicast-only network to serve web browsers and media clients without changes to the service.
Deliver Content with Multicast

Simple Multicast On Any Network

Internet content, like streaming video, is congesting last-mile networks because the internet backbone doesn’t support multicast routing. Network operators have to backhaul each stream as unicast through their core, over the access network to the viewer. Unicast is wasteful and doesn’t scale with higher bitrates. MAHP can overlay any network with multicast content services and capacity for bottom-line impact.

An overview of Blockcast
MAHP In Your Network

Installation Is Easy. Benefits Are Immediate.

The Blockcast MAHP sits at the edge cache in a network, or part of the consumer premise equipment. It works by requesting content from the content origin, converting a unicast request stream to a multicast stream as a response. The cache nodes then convert the multicast stream back into unicast where it can be cached or delivered to the requesting device.

Content Providers
MAHP and Content Providers

Content Delivery Cost Savings + Content Pre-Positioning = Win

Content providers can leverage the Blockcast MAHP in two different ways. First, they can purchase capacity through the Blockcast Capacity Marketplace and leverage multicast to save on content delivery. Second, they can install an MAHP in front of their origin and, when connected to the Blockcast Network, can pre-position content to their subscribers who have a Blockbox in their homes.

Blockcast for Content Providers
MAHP and Broadcasters

Become Part of the Content Delivery Chain with an MAHP In Your Network.

For broadcasters, whether DVB, ATSC 3, feMBMS, or satellite, taking part in delivering internet content isn't always obvious (or available). But with a Blockcast MAHP and connected to the Blockcast Network, these broadcasters can not only help distribute content to Blockbox caches, they can monetize their datachannel by including their MAHP capacity to the Blockcast Capacity Marketplace.

Blockcast for Broadcasters

Reduce Network Congestion While Monetizing Content Delivery.

For ISPs, internet content can have a huge impact on their network. While they are beholden to their subscribers to deliver the content requested, they have to backhaul it through their middle-mile with no compensation. With an MAHP at the edge of their network, they can serve popular content from cache, reduce that middle-mile congestion, and even generate new revenue by getting paid for that content delivery.

Blockcast for ISPs
Content Providers
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