Blockcast Joins the The Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC)

BERKELEY, Calif. — April 15, 2024 — Blockcast, a fast-growing startup creating a new decentralized multicast network for offnet delivery of internet content over-the-air, is proud to announce that they have joined the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) to help further the development of technologies, like ATSC 3.0, which can provide a way to mitigate the growing terrestrial network congestion and inefficiencies resulting from unicast delivery of internet content.

The Blockcast Network, when fully deployed, will provide network operators, CDNs, and over-the-air broadcasters (ATSC 3, cellular, and satellite), a means to reduce network congestion and efficiency (by incorporating the Blockcast Multicast Adaptive HTTP Proxy into their network) as well as a way to generate incremental revenue through participation in the Blockcast Capacity Marketplace. Through this marketplace, content providers, such as streaming platform operators, will be able to quickly and easily incorporate the Blockcast Network into their delivery architecture by purchasing capacity. By doing so, they can significantly reduce delivery costs by collecting duplicative unicast streams into a single, multicast stream. 

“We are excited to join ATSC to help further the development of core over-the-air digital delivery technologies like ATSC 3.0,” says Omar Ramadan, CEO/CTO and co-founder of Blockcast. “The growth of internet content delivery, like streaming, is putting increased pressures on ISP networks especially as it relies on unicast delivery. ATSC 3.0, cellular, and satellite broadcasters represent unused capacity that could be leveraged to deliver this content more efficiently. We hope our work in ATSC can help make this a reality through the Blockcast Network.”

“The ATSC welcomes innovative companies like Blockcast,” says Madeleine Noland, President of ATSC. “Their approach to leveraging over-the-air broadcast for multicast delivery of internet content is groundbreaking and could help lead to new approaches and revenue streams for our members.”

In addition to the Blockcast Network and Capacity Marketplace, Blockcast is working to bring a truly distributed approach to content delivery by democratizing who and from where content can be delivered. Often, content is delivered from closed, commercially operated networks. But, through the Blockcast’s soon-to-be open-sourced cache nodes, individual users can host, and deliver, internet content. By hosting content in their homes, people can have a better content experience as streams or downloads are accessed locally. This can lend to content pre-positioning allowing content providers to push content into those at-home cache nodes based on the viewing history of people in the home while also allowing higher quality content, like 4K. Users will be incentivized to host a cache node in their home through the web3 token rewards. The availability of the Blockcast cache nodes will be announced at a later date.

Blockcast will have a table in the NAB 2024 PropelME Area in the West Hall (W3921E). If you are interested in speaking with one of the Bockcast representatives at NAB to discuss how your company might participate in the Blockcast Network, you can schedule a meeting through Calendly. You can also catch Omar Ramadan in the Tuesday, April 16th session, “The Next Business Model for Hollywood” from 1:30 to 2:30 PT in W225.


About Blockcast

Blockcast is a next-generation CDN with an open architecture that leverages multicast for one-to-many distribution to significantly lower content delivery costs while maintaining a high quality-of-experience. Content providers can add the Blockcast Network to their delivery architecture using standard CDN interconnection and purchasing capacity through the Blockcast Capacity Marketplace from ISPs, over-the-air broadcasters (ATSC, 5G, DVB, and satellite), and end users who are incentivized with Web3 tokens to host a Blockbox. For more information visit

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